Special Treat

Because everyone deserves a special treat!

An incredibly simple, insanely addictive game of skill. Using a touch-based interface, players must match colors and collect Jurpees to win prizes.

Features cloud synced game state and iOS Game Center integration.

With music by MegaEnx.

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Chaos Clock is an implementation of the Discordian Date & Time system.

Order? Disorder? Mere illusions imposed on a chaotic universe by the human mind. Today's date when viewed through one calendar might be completely different when viewed through another calendar. The True Date is irrelevant to calendars entirely.

The user experience in Chaos Clock is designed to convey maximal information with minimal color. The interface is presented in stark black and white.

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Parsnip uses your iPhone's camera to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on any printed text. Parsnip was created as an effort to wrap the open source Tesseract library in an elegant user interface.

We are proud to contribute Parsnip back to the community under a permissive open source software license.

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