Date & time measurement for Discordians.

Order? Disorder? Mere illusions imposed on a chaotic universe by the human mind. Today's date when viewed through one calendar might be completely different when viewed through another calendar. The True Date is irrelevant to calendars entirely.

Presented in stark black and white, Chaos Clock conveys maximum information with minimal color.

Hail Eris!


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Discordian Calendar

The Discordian calendar is an alternative date system specified in the Principia Discordia.

The Discordian calendar is aligned with the Gregorian calendar, and the new year begins on January 1. The Discordian year 1 YOLD (Year of Our Lady of Discord) corresponds with 1166 BC in the Gregorian calendar – thus 2016 would be 3182 YOLD.


There are 5 seasons per year, each with 73 days.

  1. Chaos - Patron Apostle Hung Mung
  2. Discord - Patron Apostle Dr. Van Van Mojo
  3. Confusion - Patron Apostle Sri Syadasti
  4. Bureaucracy - Patron Apostle Zarathud
  5. The Aftermath - Patron Apostle The Elder Malaclypse

Days of the Week

There are 73 weeks per year, each with 5 days.

Named for the five Basic Elements: sweet, boom, pungent, prickle, and orange

  1. Sweetmorn
  2. Boomtime
  3. Pungenday
  4. Prickle-Prickle
  5. Setting Orange


Apostle Holydays

5th day of each Season

  1. Mungday - Chaos 5
  2. Mojoday - Discord 5
  3. Syaday - Confusion 5
  4. Zaraday - Bureaucracy 5
  5. Maladay - The Aftermath 5

Season Holydays

50th day of each Season

  1. Chaoflux - Chaos 50
  2. Discoflux - Discord 50
  3. Confuflux - Confusion 50
  4. Bureflux - Bureaucracy 50
  5. Afflux - The Aftermath 50

St. Tib's Day

Occurs on leap years (once every 4 years, 1 + 4 = 5) and is inserted between the 59th and 60th days of the Season of Chaos


  1. The original calendar can be found on page 34 of the Principia Discordia
  2. Wikipedia's entry on the Principia Discordia
  3. Wikipedia's entry on the Discordian Calendar
  4. Wikipedia's entry on the Gregorian Calendar

Discordian Clock

The Discordian clock is an alternative time system derived from the Erisian Klock specification.

You are not supposed to understand this.

Hour of THUD

The first and longest hour of the day is called the Hour of THUD (THUD-hour)

  • The THUD-hour is divided into 5 THUD-minutes
  • Each THUD-minute is divided into 23 THUD-seconds

Non-THUD Time

The remaining portion of the day is divided equally into 265 Discordian hours (D-hours)

  • Each D-hour is divided into 5 Discordian minutes (D-minutes)
  • Each D-minute is divided into 5 Discordian seconds (D-seconds)

Universal vs Local

The first flavor of Discordian Time (Universal) specifies that each day begins at 5:23 AM Greenwich Mean Time, regardless of the local time zone.

The second flavor of Discordian Time (Local) specifies that each day begins at 12:00 AM according to the local time zone.

Discordian Unit Conversion


  1. The original Discordian time specification can be found at Tranglos